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The Key City Mobile IV Story

Key City Mobile IV provides mobile IV therapy services in the comfort of your own home or other desired location. We strive to promote overall wellness and health to all patients by offering state of the art IV therapy containing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Key City Mobile IV offers multiple IV packages that are clinically proven to help with hangovers, low energy, and overall wellness. We can also build a custom IV package that is intended to help with your specific complaints. All IV treatments are performed by certified paramedics or registered nurses and backed by a licensed physician.

-Scotland & Landry


How Does Mobile IV Hydration Work?

Step 1

Select your IV package from our list of physician-reviewed hydration services.

Step 2

Use our online scheduling system to reserve your appointment with Key City IV.

Step 3

A Key City IV team member will contact you to confirm your appointment details.

Step 4

We will meet with you, answer any questions, and verify your health history before starting your IV package.

Did You Know?
IV therapy is the same treatment performed in a hospital setting but will cost a fraction of the price, and the treatment will be performed in the comfort of your own home or desired location.

IV Hydration Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Are services available to COVID-19 positive patients?

To protect our team and other patients, services are not available to COVID-19 positive patients.  We require 5 days from the date listed on the positive test and proof.

Do you travel outside of the Abilene area?

Yes, we will travel outside of the Abilene area for an additional cost.  Pricing details are below and subject to change.  If your city is not listed, please contact us for pricing information.

Service Area Additional Cost
Albany $70
Anson $35
Ballinger $75
Breckinridge $75
Brownwood $100
Cisco $60
Coleman $80
Colorado City $90
Cross Plains $60
Eastland $70
Haskell $70
Lueders $40
Moran $55
Putnam $40
Roby $70
Roscoe $65
Rotan $85
Stamford $50
Sweetwater $55
Trent $30
Winters $50
Do you accept medical insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept medical insurance.  We only accept cash and credit/debit cards for services rendered.

How long does an appointment take?

An appointment generally will last 30 minutes to an hour.

How long will patients benefit from IV services?

On average, patients will benefit for 10-14 days.  There are multiple factors that play a role such as hydration, diet, and physical exertion levels.

How often can a patient receive services?

Generally, we recommend no more than one IV hydration per week.  If you are needing more frequent services or have special circumstances, please contact us for more details.

What if I am not able to find my desired appointment date/time?

Our scheduling system will show real time availability to allow you to select the best day and time that will work with your schedule.  If we do not have availability, we are working with other patients.

What if I have other questions?

Our team is standing by and available to help answer your questions.  Please contact us with any additional questions.

Meet The Key City Mobile IV Team

Beau McCrory, M.D.
Beau McCrory, M.D.

Dr. McCrory is an emergency medicine physician who received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School. He is certified with the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). Dr. McCrory oversees the team at Key City IV to ensure IV services are delivered safely and professionally. He is thrilled to leverage his medical expertise to help the key city start feeling better again.

Landry Brown
Landry Brown

Landry has had the entrepreneurial spirit as long as his colleagues can recall. Whether behind the bat as a Coronado Mustang in Lubbock or on a local accident scene as a first responder, he has pursued his passion with a burning intensity. As a decorated Firefighter/Paramedic, he has served diligently within the Lubbock community and is a proud member of the Key City IV team.

Issac Dickey
Issac Dickey

Issac was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. He attended Tarleton State University. After graduating with an M.S in Kinesiology, Issac returned to Abilene where he worked as an EMT for two years with AMR/Metrocare. In 2017 Issac became an Abilene firefighter/paramedic and has been serving the citizens of Abilene ever since. As the manager of Key City Mobile IV, he has a servant heart and looks forward to offering hospitable mobile IV services to the key city.

Scotland Church
Scotland Church

Scotland is a Lubbock native. He is a graduate of Oregon State where he competed in baseball in the PAC-12 for three seasons and graduated in 2017. Scotland returned to the hub city to attend graduate school and play outfield at Lubbock Christian University. Highly motivated with entrepreneurship and real-estate investing experience; he is the Director of Operations and Events for Key City IV.

Have A Question? Let’s Talk.

Whether you have a question regarding one of our IV packages or the hydration process, Key City Mobile IV is standing by to assist you in providing the best service possible.  We are open daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM for your convenience!

Group Rates
Interested in booking IV services for a group of friends or family?  Please use our contact form or send an email for pricing information.

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